Results and More Updates

Thank you all for coming out to the 2011 Lake George Swims on Saturday. We had great weather and hope you had a lot of fun!

Congrats to Galen Rinaldi and Ed Stoner for winning the 2.5k swims. Congrats to Galen Rinaldi and Brent Wasser for winning the 5k swims. Congrats to Rachel Seely and Gary Labine for winning the 10k swim.

Full results will be posted on tomorrow (Monday). We will have an update on the Colonies Zone Open Water Championship winners as well.

And pictures!

We were very pleased to have 91 swimmers enter the water and 91 come out. While Hurricane Irene threw a wrench into Sunday’s plans, 19 of our 28 registered 10k swimmers were able to make it on Saturday to swim. We’re happy the 10k wasn’t a complete washout.

We’re grateful to all of our organizing members and volunteers for coming out to provide support on the water (and on land). Also to our emergency services who were there on site, the Town of Hague and Silver Bay.

Please continue to check the web site for updates and if you have any questions about the results, email us at

If you’re interested in a unique, challenging swim that helps a great cause, consider the upcoming 24 Hour Swim for Children’s Mental Health, on Sept 17-18. Information is available here at You can contact Steven Kirk for more information at

We will also be sending a brief survey out this week to solicit feedback so we can improve the swims for next year. We’d be grateful for any input you have.

-Race Committee