Swimmer Instructions 2013

Dear Swimmers – Welcome to the 2013 Lake George Open Water Swims!

This email contains important information about the events in Hague this weekend. The swims are located at Hague Public Beach in Hague, NY. For GPS directions, nearby is the Hague Market located at 9844 Graphite Mountain Rd, Hague, NY 12836. Note there is limited (to zero) cell reception in Hague so calls will likely not work (though text messages sometimes get through).\

Water Temperature

71 degrees as of August 20.


If you haven’t submitted your qualifying evidence for the 5k, 10k and 4 mile yet you will need to do so before this weekend or you will not be able to swim! Please check https://lakegeorgeswim.com/the-swimmers/ to see your status and what the requirements are.. If you have specific questions regarding what may or may not count as evidence, please e-mail us at events@greenleafracing.com. This requirement is in place for your safety as well as the safety of others on the course.


The weather forecast looks perfect for this weekend, though chilly in the morning so bring a sweater. We will make decisions prior to each morning’s event on what conditions are like and if anything impacts the swims.

Location and Check in

Swimmer check-in for the Saturday swims is at the beach and starts an hour before each swim. If you are swimming both the 2.5k and the 5k please go back to the registration table to check in after the 2.5k.


Please park in the open field across the road from the Hague Beach parking lot or in the municipal lots in the Hague town center. The open field can accommodate 75 cars and the municipal lots (200-300 yards up the road) can accommodate everyone else. Please DO NOT park in the Hague beach parking lot as this tiny lot is reserved for residents and visitors. Our thanks to Addison Corporation for allowing us the use of this lot.


Restrooms are available at the Visitors’ Center near the beach parking lot. There is space to change in there but there are no showers on site. We will have two additional port-o-loos nearby as well.

Warm up

After checking in you may warm up in the enclosed public swimming area on the beach. The mandatory pre-race safety meeting will start at 7:20a for the 2.5k and 10k and 9:05a for the 5k.

Expected Water Conditions

Water temperature at race time is expected to be between 70-72 and vary throughout the course. Winds and boat traffic have occasionally resulted in significant chop on the lake.
For this weekend there may be some wind/wave action coming from the south. Lake George is open to the public for swimming, boating & other recreational activities.

Pre-Race Meetings

Saturday meeting times are: 2.5k and 10k- 7:20 a.m.; 5k – 9:05 a.m. (4 mile swim meeting is 7:40a Sunday at Hague Beach). Attendance is mandatory so be sure you have completed your warm-up and other race preparations by that time. Come to the pre-race meeting prepared to directly enter the water afterwards. Attendance will be taken when swimmers check into the water. Late swimmers will not be able to enter the water.


The 2.5k will start first. Swimmers will line up in numerical order on the beach starting with lowest number. Non-wetsuit swimmers first, followed by wetsuit swimmers. The start will be a mass start.

Swimmers will be checked in and then enter the water through the finish chute and proceed to the start chute out on the water (two yellow buoys).

10k swimmers will line up on the beach in the same manner, and then enter the water in the same manner as the 2.5k swimmers.


The course is an ‘out and back’ counter-clockwise 2.5k course.

Keep all buoys to your left. The out course is all large yellow buoys. The turnaround is a large fluorescent green buoy. The back course is all large orange buoys. Be sure to swim back around to where you started to complete a lap if you’re in the 5k/10k.

The 2.5k is one loop of the course. The 5k is two loops. The 10k is four loops.

The 2.5k has a cut off of 1 hour 15 minutes. The 5k has a cut-off of 2.5 hours. The 10k cutoff is 4.25 hours. These times have been set to ensure the well-being of not only swimmers, but our volunteers out on the course and the public who may be using the waters. Those not in within their cutoff will be required to go on a safety boat. All swimmers MUST be out of the water by 12p.


A fueling station will be set up for the 5k and 10k swims near the start/lap buoy. It will be stocked with water bottles, gatorade bottles, gels and energy bars. You may place your own items there as well. Please mark them and keep them contained (please don’t litter).
You may stand as you fuel as the water will be chest deep. Per USMS rules please don’t push off the ground to begin swimming again after fueling as this is aiding your swim and illegal.


As you pass the last turn buoy (large orange cylindrical buoy), turn left and aim for the finish chute, marked by two orange buoys leading to the shore. There will also be a finish arch with the word FINISH.

The finish is a land finish. You might be winning the swim but could very well lose it in the sprint to shore!

Cross the line and stay in order as you cross.

While the event is chip-timed we will have manual back up in place. You will be given a popsicle stick with a number that tells your finish place. You will be directed to turn in your popsicle stick at our scorer’s table. Your chip will be removed from your ankle and placed in a bucket at the finish.


Proceed to the enclosed public beach for cool-down, if you wish, which is right next to the finish chute. Cooling-down on the race course is not allowed and will result in DQ.

Lifeguards and kayakers will be on the course with rescue tubes or styrofoam noodles and two-way radios.

If you need assistance during the swim, raise your arm and signal the nearest kayaker. Do not hang on to the kayak unless instructed to do so as this may capsize the kayak. An EMT unit and lifeguards trained in first aid and CPR will be on site if you require medical assistance.

Race officials/medical personnel reserve the right to remove any participant from the course for the safety of the athlete or other athletes.

Athlete Responsibilities

If you withdraw from the race for any reason, report to race officials so we can account for your safety and avoid unnecessary emergency procedures.

Do not exit the water through the finish chute if you withdraw from the race. Go around the chute and immediately check in with a race official.

We expect sportsmanlike conduct, which includes taking care when passing other swimmers. Race officials will be on the lookout for unsportsmanlike behavior, which is grounds for disqualification. Please treat volunteers and safety officials with courtesy as well – we are all there to ensure your safety.

In open water, expect some swimmer-to-swimmer contact to occur.

Evacuation Procedures

At the discretion of the Safety Director, the race may be canceled at any time (e.g., in the event of lightning or thunder). Evacuation will be signaled with 3 blasts from an air horn and with whistles from the kayakers and guards.

All swimmers MUST proceed immediately to the start of the course or other location as indicated by kayakers or lifeguards. If you are far out on the course we will have a boat pick you up. Each swimmer must check out of the water with a race official to avoid unnecessary search-and-rescue procedures.


In the event of unsafe conditions, we will delay the start of each event up to 1.5 hours, and will consider doubling-up events provided we have the safety resources in place to oversee the events.

There is no rain date for these events, with the exception of the above possibilities.

Please note there are no refunds or deferrals as funds are already invested into this year’s race.

Awards & Results

Unofficial results will be available at the race site after the swims. Official results will be posted on lakegeorgeswim.com within a couple days.

Awards will take place at the conclusion of each day’s events. For the 2.5k that will be after the 5k starts at 9:30a. Awards for 5k and 10k will take place around noon.

Awards will be given to top three overall male and female winners in each event and each category (non-wetsuit and wetsuit). Awards will be given to top three male and female in each age-group for each event.


If you’re bringing friends or family members to the event, they’ll have a great view of the swims out on the water as a kayak volunteer! We will have extra kayaks available for this purpose. Our volunteer form is at https://lakegeorgeswim.com/volunteer/ or simply show up on the morning at 7a.

Friday Social

We have a Friday afternoon/evening pre-event dinner and social. If you haven’t RSVPed yet please do so here as it helps us plan for food! http://www.evite.com/event/032BHOUA345C6EBV6EPDA55XJSX2XA

Donations for Hague Volunteer Fire Department and Hague Food Pantry

We are working to support the HVFD and Hague Food Pantry through these swims. We will be accepting financial donations made out to Hague Volunteer Fire Department and all food items for the Pantry. We will collect items Friday evening at the social and Saturday morning at race check-in. The top financial donor and the top food donor will each win a customized swim parka! Everyone contributing something will receive a LGOWS car/fridge magnet. The parka winners will be announced the week following the event.

Thank You!

We aim to make this a fun, festive environment. Yes the swims are serious and we are serious about them, but doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too!

We’re grateful to the Town of Hague for their support of these swims, to Silver Bay YMCA for providing us the use of several kayaks, Dockside Landing for their boat support, to Hague Volunteer FD and the Lake George Coast Guard Auxiliary. We are also very grateful to all of our volunteers who are coming out in support of these swims. And of course, to you, our swimmers!

See you this weekend.

Chris, David, Ann & Team