2020 Challenge Welcome Email

Dear Swimmer –

Welcome to the Virtual Lake George 32-Mile Marathon Swim! We’re very happy can join us,  stay connected with the swim community while keeping fit, and bring visibility to Lake George, the “Queen of American Lakes”. We know many of you are from far away and hope you have the ability one day to come and experience this beautiful venue situated in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.

The window to start swimming and logging your activity starts tomorrow, Saturday, August 1.  

Registration will be open through Sept 15 for those who want to jump into the challenge, so feel free to invite your friends and family. This is not a competition and there are no prizes — this is a personal challenge so anyone can join up until 9/15. For every five referrals you will get $15 back and for every 10 referrals you will get $15 back and earn a sticker pack. 

Your personal referral code you can share is in your confirmation email.

Swim #:
Your Swim Number is available in your account, which you will use to track your progress along the map

Logging Activity
Once you have swum your first time you can visit your activity log and log your workout. This log is accessed via a unique link you received via email. If you have lost it or didn’t get it, visit this page (https://lakegeorgeswim.com/activity-log/) and click the button to have it resent. Please bookmark this link for easy access! For those syncing via Strava, the sync button will appear tomorrow. Please see the Activity Log page at https://lakegeorgeswim.com/activity-log/  for more information.

Facebook Group & Badges
Please join us in our Facebook Group here to share your progress, ask questions, and cheer others on. We’d love to see photos of where you are swimming! As you hit key milestones, you will earn digital badges which will be sent via email. Feel free to share these in our Facebook Group! We will also be posting updates here about the event, and answering questions.

While all participants are in the Individual category and will see individual progress on the map, those on a Team can also see team progress. Your miles will accumulate automatically. All Team Captains will also receive a special link to access the Leaderboard. Through it, you will be able to see a team-wide Activity Log and a Team Progress Map

We will be placing our swag and sticker order once registration closes on 9/15. It will take 3-4 weeks for items to come in, and then we will be packaging everything up and sending them out. If you need to change your shirt size you can do so in your RunSignUp account (under Profile>Manage Registration).

Fundraising & our charity Lake George Association
We are grateful for the generosity you have shown in donations to our charity. We will continue to raise money throughout this challenge, and then present a check to the Lake George Association after the swim window closes Sept 30. You have the option to become a fundraiser and be provided a link to share where others can contribute (i.e. $1 per mile swum, etc.). The top 10 fundraisers/donors by will receive complimentary sticker packs, and will be determined on Oct 1. You can set up your fundraising page here.

Support & FAQs
For tech/support/event questions, email Chris at chris@greenleafracing.com and you can check out the FAQs on this page

Thank you and we hope you enjoy this experience over the next eight weeks! 

Your Virtual LG Team