2007 Swims

The 2007 Open Water Swim was hugely successful based on the many comments received from the swimmers who competed in one or more of the various swim events.

The Marathon
The 41k Swim Marathon was won by Rafael Perez, from Sanra Fe, Argentina in a time of 11 hours 21 minutes. This was 9 hours faster than the only other time the event was held 80 years earlier. 10 swimmers competed in the Marathon between Lake George Village and Hague in the waters of Lake George. During the middle of the race 20 mph headwinds proved to be a major obstacle to the swimmers. After 12 hours of continuous swimming the race was stopped because of rapidly approaching darkness and prize money was awarded based on position of the swimmers at the time. Dori Miller placed first among the women.

Age Group and Masters Swim Events

Other events held during the weekend were the 1k, 2k, and 6k individual swims and the 2k and 4 k relay events.

In all, 150 swimmers ranging in age from 10 to 67 competed in one or more of the open water swim events held in Lake George Village, Bolton Landing and Hague.

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