"Many Have Tried Since 1927." - Lake George Mirror

Below is the list of known swimmers who have accomplished the 32-mile length of Lake George. News of other swims, updates, edits and memorabilia are appreciated at Thank you to Bob Singer for compiling and sharing these resources.

Solo Crossings

1958Diane Struble2535:30:00Lake George Mirror Article
1962Bill Stevens3131:27:00
1967George Dempsey1732:15:00
1977Stella Taylor4526:51:00
1981John Freihofer3021:26:00
1983Jerry Ferris4329:15:00Video (10 min) | Video (2 hours)
2016David Dammerman4718:49:22Daily Gazette article
2016Jaimie Monhahan3721:13:00
2016Jennifer Dutton4722:51:00
2017Caroline Block3319:21:00
2017Pat McDermot5224:50:00
2017Bridget Simpson4928:06:00
2020Charlotte Brynn5417:58:34Glens Falls Chronicle article
2020Caroline Block3652:24:47Double Crossing: Post Star article
2021Elizabeth Almond4817.07.58

For more updated results, reference the LongSwims Database for Lake George here.


(Note: Below articles are being updated.)

ArticleHeadlineOutletPublication DateSwim Distance
1927pre Thousands to See Lake George SwimNew York TimesJuly 11, 1927Hague to LG Village (25.5 miles)
1927leads E.F. Keating Leads Lake George Swim - New York TimesJuly 13, 1927Hague to LG Village (25.5 miles)
Keating Alone Ends Lake George Swim - July 13, 1927 - New York Times Keating Alone Ends Lake George SwimNew York TimesJuly 13, 1927Hague to LG Village (25.5 miles)
Errick, 95, Plans Entry in Lake George SwimNew York TimesAugust 25, 1948Unknown
Girl to Swim Lake GeorgeNew York TimesAugust 25, 1950Ticonderoga to LG Village (32 miles)
Mother, 25, First to Swim Length of Lake GeorgeNew York TimesAugust 23, 1958Ticonderoga to LG Village (32 miles)
Diane to Attempt Lake TodayPost StarAugust 22, 1958
Lake George Swim Attempt to BeginPost StarJune 8, 1977
Lake AndiartaroctePost Star1977
Stella Taylor Attempts What Only Three Have DoneLake George PhoenixJune 9, 1977
Lake Champs Attitude Key to Success John freihofer
Lake Conquered AnewPost StarJune 22, 1981
Hoping for Sun: Diane Struble Recalls Her Historic 1958 Swim Through Lake GeorgeTimes UnionJune 15, 1994

Photos/images of Diane Struble used with permission of Gwenne Rippon, daughter of Diane Struble.