Refund Policy

Races and clinics are rain or shine unless we determine that race conditions are dangerous. This will be based on a prudent decision made on race weekend. If the race is canceled there will be no refunds. This position is consistent with governing body recommendations and with the protocol of sharing the risks associated with the sport of open water swimming. In the event of inclement weather, Acts of God, or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to alter, cancel or eliminate any/all portions of the race. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee paid including other amenities paid for such as t-shirts, insurance, and online administrative fees. All fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all race supplies.

Wetsuit/Non-Wetsuit Policy

We will follow the USMS policies for wetsuits and non-wetsuit attire. You can see the description for Cat 1 and Cat 2 attire here, specifically under rules 303.7.2 and 303.7.3.


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