Dear Swimmers -

Welcome to the 2022 Lake George Open Water Swims!

This email contains important information about the swim in Hague this weekend. The swims are located at Hague Public Beach in Hague, NY. For GPS directions, plug in 9060 Lake Shore Dr, Hague, NY 12836. You can see a map of venue and parking options here.

Participant List
Participating swimmers are listed here.

Water Temperature
75 degrees as of August 16.

The current weather forecast for Saturday is partly sunny with a High of 85 low of 57. Air temp is generally cool in the morning but will get hot during the day. Water temp is always great. We will make decisions race morning on what conditions are like and if anything impacts the swims.

Packet Pick up
Early pickup Friday evening 4p-6p at the beach. Race day packet pick up takes place Saturday morning 6:45a – 7:20a at the beach for the 2.5k and 10k. 5k check in and packet pickup opens at 8:30a. Here you’ll check in and get your packet, then you can warm up in the enclosed swimming area at the beach. 10k and 2.5k swimmers please be on the beach by 7:25a in time for the pre-race safety briefing.

We have several parking locations. One is the open field across the road from the Hague Beach. The open field can accommodate 100 cars. There are also additional lots all just up the road in town, and all within 5 minutes walking distance, that can accommodate everyone else: one just west of the Baptist Church, the second just east of White Church just past Firehouse Restaurant, and the Community Center which is west of White Church. Look for Event Parking signs. See map here.

Restrooms are available at the Visitors’ Center near the beach parking lot. There is space to change in there but there are no showers on site. We will have additional port-o-loos outside the Visitor Center as well.

Warm up
After checking in you may warm up in the enclosed public swimming area on the beach.

Expected Water Conditions
Water temperature at race time is expected to be around 75 and vary throughout the course. Winds and boat traffic have occasionally resulted in significant chop on the lake. Lake George is open to boating & other recreational activities so there will be chop as the morning goes on.

Pre-Race Meetings
Saturday meeting times are: 2.5k and 10k- 7:25 a.m.; 5k – 9:05 a.m. Attendance is mandatory so be sure you have completed your warm-up and other race preparations by that time. Come to the pre-race meeting prepared to directly enter the water afterwards. Attendance will be taken when swimmers check into the water. Late swimmers will not be able to enter the water.

The 10k swimmers will start first. Swimmers will line up in numerical order on the beach starting with lowest number. Your start time is 7:45a. 2.5k swimmers will line up on the beach after the 10k swimmers, and then enter the water in the same manner as the 10k swimmers. 2.5k participants will be sent off at approximately 7:55a.  Please be mindful of slower swimmers in the water ahead of you and proceed around (not over) other swimmers. 5k swimmers will start at 9:25a.

Swim Course
The course is an 'out and back’ counter-clockwise 2.5k course. Keep all buoys to your left. The out course is all large yellow buoys. The turnaround is a large green buoy. The back course is all orange buoys with another green buoy marking your turn. The lap buoy (for those of you in the 5k/10k) is a red buoy.

The 2.5k is one loop of the course. The 5k is two loops. The 10k is four loops. A map is available at: http://www.lakegeorgeswim.com/the-swims/

The 2.5k has a cut off of 1 hour 15 minutes. The 5k has a cut-off of 2.5 hours. The 10k cutoff is 4 hours. These times have been set to ensure the well-being of not only swimmers, but our volunteers out on the course and the public who may be using the waters. Those not in within their cutoff will be required to exit the water on a safety boat. All swimmers MUST be out of the water by 12p. Those swimmers who have not rounded the final lap buoy by 11:00a must retire from the course. By signing up for the swim you are agreeing to these terms. Again, this is for the safety of participants, volunteers and boaters, and to fulfill our obligations to those who sanction and/or provide permits for the swims.

A fueling station will be set up for the 5k and 10k swims near the start/lap buoy. You may place your fuel there. Please mark them and keep them contained. You may stand as you fuel as the water will be chest deep. Per USMS rules please don’t push off the ground to begin swimming again after fueling as this is aiding your swim and illegal.

As you pass the last turn buoy (large green pyramid buoy), turn left and aim for the finish chute, marked by two buoys leading to the shore. There will also be a large finish arch with the word FINISH.

The finish is a land finish. The event is chip-timed.

About your chip – these are disposable foam bracelets that you will affix around your ankle. You do not need to turn them in.

If desired, proceed to the enclosed public beach for cool-down, which is right next to the finish chute. Cooling-down on the race course is not allowed.

Lifeguards, kayakers and event motorboats will be on the course with rescue tubes or noodles and two-way radios.

If you need assistance during the swim, raise your arm and signal the nearest kayaker. Do not hang on to a kayak unless instructed to do so as this may capsize the kayak. The kayaker may hand you a noodle to hang on to and float until you are rested and ready to proceed again. Forward movement with the noodle will result in disqualification. An EMT unit and lifeguards trained in first aid and CPR will be on site if medical assistance is required.

Race officials/medical personnel reserve the right to remove any participant from the course for the safety of the athlete or other athletes.

Swim Safety Buoys
Swim safety buoys, defined as an inflatable tow float tethered to the waist of the swimmer, are permitted as long as this float, when attached, extends no lower than mid-calf when the swimmer is standing before the swim. This is to prevent any obstruction to fellow swimmers on the course.

Wetsuit vs Non-Wetsuit

Please make sure you are in the right division with your swimwear. The 2nd question here provides the info you need to know.

Post-Race Food/Drink
We will have a number of individually portioned snacks that include bananas, apples, energy bars, trail mix, chips, cookies, bagels, and bottled or cartoned drinks, that will allow you to grab and go.

Athlete Responsibilities
If you withdraw from the race for any reason, report to race officials at the finish line so we can account for your safety and avoid unnecessary emergency procedures.

Do not exit the water through the finish chute if you withdraw from the race. Go around the chute and immediately check in with a race official.

We expect sportsmanlike conduct, which includes taking care when passing other swimmers. Race officials will be on the lookout for unsportsmanlike behavior, which is grounds for disqualification.

Please treat volunteers and safety officials with courtesy as well – we are all there to ensure your safety.

In open water, expect some swimmer-to-swimmer contact to occur.

Evacuation Procedures
At the discretion of the Safety Director, the race may be canceled at any time (i.e., in the event of lightning or thunder). Evacuation will be signaled with 3 blasts from an air horn and with whistles from the kayakers and guards.

All swimmers must proceed immediately to the start of the course or other location as indicated by kayakers or lifeguards. If you are far out on the course we will have a boat pick you up. Each swimmer must check out of the water with a race official to avoid unnecessary search-and-rescue procedures.

In the event of unsafe conditions, we will delay the start of each event up to 30 minutes, and will consider doubling-up events provided we have the safety resources in place to oversee the events.

There is no rain date for these events, with the exception of the above possibilities.
Please note there are no refunds or deferrals as funds are already invested into this year’s race.

Awards & Results
Unofficial results will be available at the race site after the swims. All official results will be posted on www.lakegeorgeswim.com

Awards will take place at the conclusion of each day’s events. For the 2.5k that will be after the 5k starts at 9:30a. Awards for 5k and 10k will take place around 12:30p.

Overall awards will be given to top three overall male and female winners in each race and for each division (wetsuit and non-wetsuit). We will give age-group awards to the top 3 in age groups for the non-wetsuit division only.

If you’re bringing friends or family members to the event, they are welcome to join our volunteer crew on land or water. A very cool shirt and refreshments included. Our volunteer form is at http://www.lakegeorgeswim.com/volunteer/. We appreciate your support and your willingness to provide extra safety for our swimmers!

Donations for Hague Volunteer Fire Department
Monies raised through the swims go to the Hague Volunteer Fire Department which provides water safety and EMS support. We will be accepting financial donations made out to Hague Volunteer Fire Department. Thank you!

See you this weekend!

LG Swim Organizers

Lake George Swim