Activity Log

For registrants: do you need to find the link to your Activity Log portal? Click below.

Starting June 23, you can upload your swim progress manually to the activity center, or link your Strava workouts. This account will be accessible via a unique link you receive via email within 24 hours after registering for the event.

Here are the steps:

  1. link will be emailed to you by June 23 with your unique Activity Log URL (or within 24 hours if you register after June 23). Your link is unique to you and does not require login credentials.
  2. Click on your link, and bookmark it for easy access.
  3. You should also open and save this link on your mobile browser. To learn how to turn a webpage into an icon on your mobile desktop, click HERE.
  4. Once at your activity log page, look for the fields and drop downs to add new activities.
  5. Click the New Log Entry button. Enter the activity date, the distance (in miles!) and the total time it took you to complete it.
  6. You can sync your Strava workouts as well - skip further down.
  7. Note that the Activity Log will let you edit or remove entries.

For Solo Swimmers:

From the Activity Log, all users will be able to also click through the menu to see their Personal Progress Map. Once you’ve logged your first activity, explore it as follows:

  1. Zoom in, zoom out, scroll
  2. Expand and collapse the map menu, explore the info inside
  3. Try clicking on map pins

For Teams

From the Activity Log, all teammates and captains will be able to also click through the menu to see their Team Progress Map. Once you’ve logged your first activity, try it out!

  1. Explore, zoom in, zoom out
  2. Expand and collapse the map menu, explore the info inside
  3. Try clicking on map pins and get a feel for it all

Team Captains

All Team Captains will also receive a special link through which you'll see:

  1. A team-wide Activity Log
  2. A Team Progress Map

Syncing to Strava?

  1. Once the Challenge starts, a “Connect with Strava” button will appear in your log.
  2. Before you sync to your Strava Account, make sure you already have current, completed workouts entered and ready for importing
  3. To connect the Activity Log to Strava, click the Strava button, then return to the Activity Log and click the New Log Entry button to pull in one or more Strava workouts.
  4. With your Strava account connected, you will see recent workouts as a drop down option in the NEW ENTRY LOG
  5. Once selected, hit the save button. You do not need to enter anything in the manual Distance or Time fields.
  6. Your newly imported Strava workout should show up in your Activity Log
  7. Once you have synced, the Strava button will disappear. You can only Sync with Strava once every 12 hours, at which time the button will reappear here. You should, however, be able to still see recent workouts when trying to add new Activities. The button will re-appear on its own whenever a new sync is possible/required.