This page allows you to see individual and team standings. Scroll down the page to see the map and tips on how to use the map. Zoom in/out to see your position, and use the chart on the left to filter based on various criteria. The black "P" pin stands for "Pace" and lets you see where you need to be on the lake relative to how much time remains. Click the blue pins to learn about the lake landmarks and the "MI" icon in the table to view mile markers. Looking to log your progress? Click here.

2021 Standings & Leaderboard

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Map Tips

  • If you are in a cluster of other swimmers and want to drill down to your details, click your row in the table (on the left). Your marker will turn yellow and come to the top. You can then click on it and see your details.
  • To narrow down the number of people in a cluster, select a category from the dropdown in the table (where it says "In Progress").
  • View Mile Markers by clicking the "MI" icon in the table.
  • The "P" pin is the pace marker -- the average of where you need to be to finish the Challenge by the last day.
  • If you are on a mobile device, click the "hide" button in the table to view the map.
  • Enter your mileage with as many decimals as you can. A group of swimmers all at 1.0 will be on top of each other. But 1.02562 and 1.05659 will show separation.

2020 Results